A Corp Construction - The Beginning

In 2011, after having worked in Kalgoorlie together over 15 years ago, Directors Mike Beutel and Tim Matthew created ACorp Construction. They sought to provide purposeful input to projects based on years of experience, which results in the most cost effective solution for their clients.

In 2012 as a two man team based in their office premises in Joondalup, they soon added the administration and onsite roles.

Having strong family links and history in the Goldfields they also started an office in Kalgoorlie Boulder, making room for the growth that would occur in the years to come.

Since then, ACorp has completed a number of significant projects across a range of industries and regions state wide.

A Corp Construction - Present Day

From the latter part of 2016 ACorp’s project lists expanded and became heavily focused on the Goldfields region. ACorp undertook and successfully completed the Lord Forrest Pool Historical Restoration, the Goldfields Rehabilitation Services Headquarters, the Kalgoorlie Police Station Fwd Works, Joe Lord Core Library Expansion, and the Bega Garnbirringu Health Service Facilities.

2017 ACorp appointed a resident full-time Goldfields Manager. This coinciding with the successful award of the SES Goldfields Facility project, and the continuing Goldfields Rehabilitation Phase 2 Building works to name a few.