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Boddington Administration Building

This project was a classic Design and Construct project. The Shire of Boddington wanted a staged development to provide 760 m2 of new administration facilities within the old existing site. The project included:

  • Demolition
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Construction in an operational environment
  • New Modern Admin Facilities

The Facility included, new Council Chambers, Committee Room, Reception Foyer, 25 new Offices, Archival and Staff Facilities.

ACorp engaged the services of Holton Connor Architects to provide design, documentation and contractual services for the project. Our team combined to use various external cladding features – old and new to accommodate the desired wishes of the client and complement the existing streetscape.

The end result was a clean cut and economical construction of a modern and simple styled building, which has become a statement on the main street – Reflecting a solid and Progressive Community.