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    46 Weeks

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Lord Forrest Pool Heritage Restoration Project

After a long awaited and contentious  project that included many sources of input, the project finally materialized into an award of Tender to Acorp Construction to deliver the Architect designed Restoration and Heritage project which included:

  • Demolition and removal of materials
  • New construction to depict Yesteryear
  • Preservation of Heritage materials
  • Extensive Landscaping and Hydraulics

The Lord Forrest Olympic Pool had many historical highlights through history. The brief had been to restore what was possible and demolish the unsalvageable. The Architects added line of vision structures to depict the glory years and the old layout of WA’s first Olympic size pool. Highly controversial in cost and timeframe the project saw the vastly damaged and vandalized complex given a new lease of life. The new precinct will be open all hours and will host current era functions and community events.